Front Assist Agriculture Tires

New Agriculture Farm Tires for sale! We buy
factory direct to save you money on your next tires!

New farm implement tires
for sale online simply call us today for your farm tire needs.

We carry a wide selection of new farm implement tractor tires
for rear and front mechanical drive tractors of all makes from top brands such
as Goodyear Farm Tires, Titan Tires, Mitas, Continental, Cultor, BKT farm
tires, Samson Agri Trac tires, Advanced, and many more! We will do our
best to find the tires you need to get your equipment rolling in the field!

Passing our Farmers Cooperative Tire Savings to you with no membership required! 

Titan Tractor Tires on sale, discounted, factory overstocks!
Hi-Traction Lug Radial

Titan made in USA Tractor tires:

Factory over run tires! Not blemished or
new take off agriculture farm tires! NEW!

Hi Traction Lug Radials: Superior Traction and exclusive
tread pattern to assist with side hill slip resistance. Long bar / Medium bar cleats
for smooth ride and applying more power to the ground.


380/85R30 (14.9R30) Tubeless 135A8           $605

380/85R28 (14.9R28) Tubeless 133A8           $595

380/85R34 (14.9R34) Tubeless 137A8           $735

420/85R28 (16.9R28) Tubeless 139A8           $695

420/90R30 (16.9R30)Tubeless 142A8             $775

380/80R38 (14.R38) Tubeless AG49M  142A8 $785

480/80R38 (18.4R38) Tubeless 149A8         $945

480/80R42 (18.4R42) Tubeless 151A8         $1050

480/80R46 (18.4R46) Tubeless 155A8          $1150

 520/85R42 (20.8R42) Tubeless 157A8         $1275

Hi Traction Lug Bias: Exclusive long bar/ medium bar tread
pattern designs a symmetrical lug pattern to eliminate side-to-side rocking and
increased even wear.


Tires wtih Wide tread face, deep grooves, for maximum flotation and
longer tread life.

Samson New Radial Tractor tires R1W Agriculture Tires

Samson New Agri-Trac New Radial Farm Tires



520/85R42 OD 76.8" weight 455LBS 68/32nd Tread Depth

Same as a 20.8R42 Farm Tire size R1W:


420/85R28 OD 56.1" weight 221LBS 61/32nd Tread Depth

Same as a 16.9R28 FWD Tire R1W



14.9R30 129A8 OD 55.1" weight 196LBS 5/32nd Tread Depth

Same as 14.9R30 R1W


Bar angle provides superior traction in the field and good wear during road transportation.

Heavy duty design for excellent ride, snag resistance and long wear.

Radial design construction.


Single Piece Front Wheel Assist Duals FWD for 10 and 12 hole
FWD Single
FWD Assist Single
Front Wheel Dual Assist New Wheels

Super Heavy Duty Front Wheel Drive Assist Duals for 30 inch Row spacing:
By using a single piece 360 degree weld, helps reduce the 3 piece dual assemblies with all the multiple bolts and washers. All you need is 5/8th extra thread on your current studs past your nut currently. If you do not, simply contact your implement dealer and purchase longer studs.
Our Single Piece Front Wheel Assist duals come in primary 10 or 12 bolt, simply count the number of bolts let us know and we can help you.
Available in the following sizes:
28 Inch Rim Diameter available in 12 and 15 inches wide
30 Inch Rim Diameter available in 13 and 15 inches wide
34 Inch Rim Diameter available in 13 and 15 inches Wide
38 Inch Rim Diameter available in 10 and 12 Inches Wide

Call us with your tire size, we have the best selection of New Front Wheel Assist Discounted New Tractor tires. We can fully mount them on the wheels for you, simply bolt on ready for field work!
If you so desire we also can provide you the traditional 3 piece dual assemblies, and also for triples or super wide body front 65 series tires as well just contact us.

Galaxy Earth Pro R1W Rated
Galaxy Earth Pro R1W Rated
Galaxy Earth Pro R1W Rated
Galaxy Earth Pro R1W Rated
520/85R46 (20.8R46) $1599
380/85R28 (14.9R28) $599
380/85R30 (14.9R30) $629
420/85R30 (16.9R30) $859
380/85R34 (14.934) $799
380/90R46* (14.9R46) $1199
Heavy Duty Radial Tractor Tires.
Apecial Trailer Load Purchase of Overstocks!
 *Heavy Load Index 163A8

Heavy Duty Radial Tractor Tires.Apecial Trailer Load Purchase of Overstocks!

Galaxy R1W Rated, New Earth Pro tires. 

 The Galaxy Earth Pro 85 Radial R-1W is the latest addition to the Agricultural Radial tire lineup from Galaxy. This highly versatile range represents the family of modern agricultural radial tire. The pads between the lugs, apart from adding strength to the tire, act as mud breakers to enhance their self cleaning characteristic which is an important feature in agricultural applications. The reinforced lug, bead areas and the improved tread compound used in the tire provide for a longer lifetime of the tires. A smooth ride is enabled by the Multi-angle lug design with steep angle in center. It also results in long wear and mud clearing. The shallow angle at shoulder provides superior traction. The Galaxy Earth Pro 85 Radial provides high improved hillside stability.

520/85R46 (20.8R46) $1575
380/85R28 (14.9R28) $550
320/85R24 12.4R24 $359
380/85R24 14.9R24 $525
380/85R30 14.9R30 $599
420/85R30 (16.9R30) $775
420/85R28 16.9R28 $665
460/85R30 18.4R30 $798
460/85R34 18.4R34 $859
460/85R38  (18.4R38) $849
520/85R38 (20.8R38) $1199
380/90R46 165A8 (14.9R46) $1150
480/80R42 18.4R42 $999
280/85R24 (11.2R24) $299
480/80R46 (18.4R46) $1189
Waffle Wheels for MFD Tractors
our wheel
Center Stub Disc comes 10or12hole
completed unit
Waffle Wheels for MFD Tractors

Waffle Wheels can come with a series of either a 2 bolt hole
mounting area or 3 bolt mounting bracket. Let us know which style you have. The
Center disk will be either a 10 bolt or a 12 bolt.


Replacement disc and bolts we carry. 

We recommend to check the bolts every season before you go to
the field for proper torque and inspect bolts when done in the field. This is the
number one reason for failure of center disc and bolt hole area failure. Call us or email us your questions.

Front Wheel Assist Tractor Tires, MFD Tires
Front Wheel Assist Tractor Tires, MFD Tires
Front Wheel Assist Tractor Tires, MFD Tires

We have the tires for your front-wheel assist tractor.  From 24" to 34", we have your size and style.  If you don't see your size listed, give us a call - we can get it!   You can't afford the down-time of a flat tire.  Replace your old tires now with a Nebraska Tire!


Call us at 1-800-234-5242 for great prices on Continental, Mitas, Titan, Goodyear, Trelleberg, BKT, Alliance, Galaxy, and many more discounted farm tires for tractors. Call us for help using metric size conversions, we will help you understand the size and the correct load speed index! We carry a complete line of replacement center disc, wheels and bolts!

24's 26's  28's 30's 34's
11.2 x 24 14.9 x 26 12.4 x 28 14.9 x 30 14.9R34
12.4 x 24 14.9R26  13.6 x 28 14.9R30  
13.6 x 24 16.9 x 26  13.6R28 16.9 x 30  
14.9 x 24 18.4 x 26 14.9 x 28 16.9R30  
14.9R24  18.4R26 14.9R28    
16.9 x 24   16.9 x 28    

New Mitas Radial AC85 R1W Tractor and Combine Discount tires
New Mitas Radial AC85 R1W Tractor and Combine Discount tires
New Mitas Radial AC85 R1W Tractor and Combine Discount tires
The first Mitas radial AC85 R1W Tires have arrived!
100% made in USA! Now available in:
480/80R42 (18.4R42) and 460/85R38 (18.4R38)
Contact us for special introductory prices on these sizes, many more sizes coming soon!

Mitas radial AC85 R1W Tires most sizes now made in USA!

Now available in:

300/95R42 MITAS AC90 147A8 
320/85R24 MITAS AC85 122A8   
320/85R34 MITAS AC85 133A8 
320/85R38 MITAS AC85 143A8 
320/90R50 MITAS AC85 150A8 
340/85R28 MITAS AC85 127A8 
380/80R38 MITAS AC85 142A8 
380/85R24 MITAS AC85 131A8 
380/85R28 MITAS AC85 133A8 
380/85R30 MITAS AC85 135A8 
380/85R34 MITAS AC85 146A8 
420/85R28 MITAS AC85 139A8 
420/85R30 MITAS AC85 140A8 
420/85R34 MITAS AC85 147A8 
460/85R34 MITAS AC85 147A8 
460/85R38 MITAS AC85 149A8 
480/80R42 MITAS AC85 151A8 
480/80R46 MITAS AC85 158A8 
480/80R50 MITAS R1W  159A8 
520/85R38 MITAS AC85 155A8
520/85R42 MITAS AC85 162A8 
600/65R28 MITAS AC65 150A8 
600/70R30 MITAS SFT  155A8 
650/65R38 MITAS AC65 160A8 
650/65R38 MITAS AC65 169A8 
650/85R38 MITAS SFT  176A8 
710/70R38 MITAS AC65 169A8 
800/65R32 MITAS AC70H172A8 
800/70R38 MITAS SFT  176A8 
900/60R32 MITAS SFT  176A8 


Contact us for special introductory prices on these sizes, many more sizes coming soon! Wholesale dealers welcomed! Contact us for volume discounts on all tires.