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New farm implement tires
for sale online simply call us today for your farm tire needs.

We carry a wide selection of new farm implement tractor tires
for rear and front mechanical drive tractors of all makes from top brands such
as Goodyear Farm Tires, Titan Tires, Mitas, Continental, Cultor, BKT farm
tires, Samson Agri Trac tires, Advanced, and many more! We will do our
best to find the tires you need to get your equipment rolling in the field!

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Discounted 3 Rib Tractor Front Tires
Discounted 3 Rib Tractor Front Tires

Farmers Cooperative continually sources some of the best discounted prices and pass along the savings to our customers. We carry 3Rib Front tires for your John Deere, Cub Farmall, Yanmar, Minneapolis-Moilne, Farmall, Oliver, Case IH, Hesston, New Holland, Ford, Ford 2N, *n, Kubota and many others with brand name tires such as Titan Goodyear, Firestone, Carilisle, Samson, BKT and many more,  call us for sizes not listed you might have, below is our most popular tire sizes for front tractor 3 Rib tires. 


We Carry Goodyear, Titan, BKT, Samson, in varieties of sizes ranging from 4.00x12 up to the largest 4 rib built 11.00x24. Contact us at 1-800-234-5242 to check for sizes you may need not listed. We have the ability to source many more brands.


4.00x12 Samson 4ply $28.00
4.00x19 Samson 4ply  $39.99
5.00x15 Samson 4ply $39.99
5.50X16 Samson 4Plyy $40.00
6.00x16 Samson 6ply $55.00
6.50x16 Samson 6ply
7.50x18 Samson 6ply $84.99
7.50x20 Samson 8ply $115.00
7.5L15 Samson 6ply $64.00
9.5L15 Samson 8Ply $110.00
11L15 Samson 8ply $110.00


9.5L15 Alliance 4Rib FM2 8ply Tubeless

$125.00 each

Special Trailer load tire discounts on new farm front tractor tires!

New Goodyear Dyna Rib F-2 Front Tractor Tires
New Goodyear Dyna Rib F-2 Front Tractor Tires
New Goodyear Dyna Rib F-2 Front Tractor Tires

New Goodyear 4 Rib Tractor Front Steer Tires 

Goodyear Dyna Rib F2 tires offer excellent floatation and mobility form the modern four rib design. Excellent roadability. 

Contact us for the best prices at 1800-234-5242

Made in:

10.00x16/8ply Goodyear part #DRT398 Tubeless

11.00x16/8ply Goodyear part #TRD395 Tubeless

11.00x24/12ply Goodyear part #DRT316 Tubeless

11L15/8ply Goodyear part #DRT389 Tubeless

14L-16.1/10ply Goodyear part #DRT389 Tubeless

14L16-1/12ply Goodyear part #DRT362 Tubeless

16.5L16.1/8ply Goodyear part #DRT351 Tubeless

FAQ: What type of front tractor tire is best for me?
4Rib F2-M
3Rib F2
Single Rib Mono Rib F1

Front Tractor Tires:

tractor tires come in many shape styles and sizes for all different types of
applications. To Help you select the correct type of tire here is some information
to help you sort through your search:


3 Rib
Tractor Fronts:
In the tire industry they are commonly referred to as a F2 or
F-2. Usage is intended for maximum steering control and minimal lateral
side-slip due to the raised center rib.

4 Rib
Tractor Fronts:
In the tire industry they are commonly referred to as F2M or
F-2M. Usage is intended for handling heavy loads on hard surfaces, offering
excellent load distribution and flotation.

Rib / Mono Rib Tractor Fronts:
The tire industry commonly refers to them as a
F1 or F-1. Usage is to penetrate deep into soil for maximum steering control
and minimal lateral side slip. Somewhat like a 3 rib but no outer 2 ribs on the


With the wide amount of applications, and products available we are unable to
list every tire from every manufacture that designs each type of tire, we urge
you to contact us at 1-800-234-5242 Mon-Fri CST and talk to one of our trained
agriculture specialist. We have access to just about every brand you can come
up with such as American Farmer, Titan, Goodyear, Firestone, BKT, Samson,
Carlisle, Starmaxx, Petlas, Mitas Samson, and many other imports. Contact us for
overstocks, and discounted farm tires! Call us for your next tires!