Samson Tires

Samson Tires

Discounted 3 Rib Tractor Front Tires
Discounted 3 Rib Tractor Front Tires

Farmers Cooperative continually sources some of the best discounted prices and pass along the savings to our customers. We carry 3Rib Front tires for your John Deere, Cub Farmall, Yanmar, Minneapolis-Moilne, Farmall, Oliver, Case IH, Hesston, New Holland, Ford, Ford 2N, *n, Kubota and many others with brand name tires such as Titan Goodyear, Firestone, Carilisle, Samson, BKT and many more,  call us for sizes not listed you might have, below is our most popular tire sizes for front tractor 3 Rib tires. 


We Carry Goodyear, Titan, BKT, Samson, in varieties of sizes ranging from 4.00x12 up to the largest 4 rib built 11.00x24. Contact us at 1-800-234-5242 to check for sizes you may need not listed. We have the ability to source many more brands.


4.00x12 Samson 4ply $28.00
4.00x19 Samson 4ply  $39.99
5.00x15 Samson 4ply $39.99
5.50X16 Samson 4Plyy $40.00
6.00x16 Samson 6ply $55.00
6.50x16 Samson 6ply
7.50x18 Samson 6ply $84.99
7.50x20 Samson 8ply $115.00
7.5L15 Samson 6ply $64.00
9.5L15 Samson 8Ply $110.00
11L15 Samson 8ply $110.00
Samson Hi-Way Express R678 Bias Medium Truck Tires
Samson Hi-Way Express R678 Bias Medium Truck Tires

All prices include FET Tax.


7.50x20 10 Ply Tube Type 56LBS 15/32ND 36.8"OD $165.00
8.25x20 10 Ply Tube Type 65LBS 15/32ND 38.3"OD $185.00
9.00x20 10 Ply Tube Type 78LBS 19/32ND 40.1"OD $210.00
10.00x20  12 Ply Tube Type 93LBS 23/32ND 41.5"OD $260.00

Samson Advanced R678 Hi-Way Express

Advanced tread compounds to increase long even tread wear.

Enhanced groove design to imporove wet traction.

Bias Hard to find 20inch Highway Tread tires for split rim applications.

Ranging from 7.50-20, 8.25-20, 9.00-20 and 10.00-20 New Highway steer treaded tires.  

Samson Mud&Snow Bias Medium Truck Tires 20" Tires
Samson Mud&Snow Bias Medium Truck Tires  20" Tires

All prices include FET Tax.

8.25 x 20  10 Ply Tube Type 71lbs 26/32nd 39.1"OD $219.00
9.00 x 20  10 Ply Tube Type 88lbs 26/32nd 40.9"OD $227.00
10.00 x 20  12 Ply Tube Type 97lbs 28/32nd 42.2"OD $280.00

Samson Sno Mauler Mud & snow 

Mud & Snow traction 20" rim diameter hard to find tires. 

Deep Tread, wide face, heavy duty sidewall construction. 

8.25-20, 9.00-20 and 10.00-20 Bias mud grip traction tires for 20inch split rim truck tires with extra deep cross bar lugs.  

Discounted Samson Rib Implement I1 Tires
Discounted Samson Rib Implement I1 Tires

Price Fighter rib implement tires Features, Wide tread face for maximum
flotation, wide ribs for stability, easy rolling resistance.

5.90X15 4PLY    Tubetype $36

8.5L14 6ply     Tubetype $54

9.5L14 8Ply     Tubetype $59

11L14 6Ply      Tubetype $79

11L15 12Ply    Tubeless $95

10.00x15 8ply  Tubeless $110

12.5L15 10Ply  Tubetype $109

12.5L16 10Ply  Tubetype $119


us for installed local prices or for shipping.


Samson GL283 Medium Radial Long Haul All Position Steer Tires
Samson GL283A steer tire Smart Way Approved Farmers Cooperative Nebraska Tire

SmartWay Approved Tires:

Value Based Steer/All Position Semi Tires

Featuring, Dual compound tread, heat resistant materials for long distance hauling.

Specialized bead toe designed for improved durability.

Mid/Long Haul Highway Service

Self-cleaning groves preventing stone retention.

11R22.5 #88035-2OD41.3" 120PSI Max Load S6610/D6005 19/32nds 114LBS 16ply 

295/75R22.5 #88045-2 OD39.9" 110PSI Max Load S6175/D5675 19/32nds 115LBS 14ply  

11R24.5 #88042-2 OD43.5" 120PSI Max Load S7160/D6610 19/32nds 123LBS 16ply 

285/75R24.5 #88048-2 OD41.3" 110PSI Max Load S6175/D5675 19/32nds 117LBS 14PLY  

255/70R22.5 #88025-2 OD36.6" 115PSI Max Load S5520/D5070 17/32nds 85LBS 16PLY  

7.00R20 #88064-2 OD35.6" 120PSI Max Load S3750/D3525 16/32nds 77LBS 14PLY 

215/75R17.5 #88000-2 OD30.2" 125PSI Max Load S4810/D4540 16/32nds 58LBS 16PLY 

235/75R17.5 #88011-2 OD31.4" 125PSI Max Load S6005/D5675 16/32nds 65LBS 16PLY 

245/70R19.5 #88020-2 OD33" 120PSI Max Load S4810/D4540 18/32nds 72LBS 16PLY 

8R19.5 #88005-2 OD33.8" 110PSI Max Load S3530/D3315 17/32nds 62LBS 12PLY 

9.5R17.5 #88017-2 OD33.1" 110PSI Max Load S4080/D3860 16/32nds 67LBS 16PLY 

10R17.5 #88016-2 OD33.6" 125PSI Max Load S5355/D5070 16/32nds 70LBS 16ply 

Samson Tracker Plus XL New Bias Highway Tread 14.5, 16.5, 19.5, 14" & LPT 15 Inch Rim Diameter Tires
Samson Traker Plus

New Samson R676 XL Tracker Plus Heavy duty, bias belted, tubeless, with reinforced
Sidewall scuff rib. Advanced tread compounds for long even wear. Enhansed grooves for imporved wet traction.
Samson Traker Plus XL tires dicsounted, LPT Rated on all 14.5" tires sizes.
16.5" inch rim diameter tires ideal for:
older vintage light trucks, vans, cargo vans, motor homes
Premium sidewall scuff protectors manufactured into the sidewall area
to help prevent sidewall damage.

7.00X14 8ply     Tubeless $65

OD 24.4" SW 7.3" 25lbs max load 1550lbs 60psi

8X19.5 10ply     Tubeless $135

OD 33.8" SW 8" 51LBS MAX LOAD S3195 90PSI

8.75-16.5 10ply Tubeless  $129

OD 29.4" SW 8.7" 44LBS MAX LOAD S2680 AT75PSI

9.50-16.5 12ply Tubeless  $124

OD 30.6" SW 9.5" 47LBS MAX LOAD S3520 90PSI

12x16.5 12Ply   Tubeless $170

OD32.2" SW 12.1" 59LBS MAX LOAD S4045 AT75PSI

10.00x15 16ply RB611  Tubetype $229 

OD 36.5" SW 10.9 76LBS MAX LOAD S5675 AT115PSI

7-14.5 12ply      Tubeless $59.99

OD 26.4" SW 7.3" 26LBS MAX LOAD 2335 AT 95PSI

8-14.5 12ply      Tubeless $64.99

OD 27.8" SW 8" 27LBS MAX LOAD 2835 AT 95PSI

9-14.5 12ply      Tubeless $79.99

OD 28" SW 9.5 34LBS MAX LOAD 3305 AT 95PSI

7.50-17 10ply    Tubeless $129.99

Hard to find 7.50-17 and other bias old time tires for tucks we stock them!

Used for older LPT trailers and mobil home new replacment tires

Samson GL293D Open Shoulder Drive Tires
Samson GL293D Ultra Open Shoulder Drive Tires Farmers Cooperative
Samson GL293D Open Shoulder Drive Tires

New Samson Open Shoulder Drive GL293D Ultra Semi Tires

Samson SmartWay Approved New Semi Tires

Wide, deep tread depth allows for
excellent wear and longer service. Shoulder lug assist in providing excellent
traction. Patented bead construction providing the excellent load capacity.
Tread compound designed for rough road conditions. Enhanced tread shape allows for uniformed pressure distribution. Mid/Long Haul Highway Service Tires

11R22.5 #86100-2 OD41.3" PSI120 MaxLoad S6610/D6005 25/32nds 122 lbs 16PLY 

11R24.5 #86105-2 OD43.5" PSI120 MaxLoad S7160/D6610 25/32nds 130LBS 16PLY 

295/75R22.5 #86060-2 OD42.7" PSI125 MaxLoad S7380/D6780 26/32nds 131LBS 14PLY 

285/75R24.5 #86110-2 OD41.3" PSI110 MaxLoad S6175/D5675 25/32nds 113LBS 14ply  

Industrial Fork Lift pneumatic new replacement tires:
Industrial Fork Lift pneumatic new replacement tires:
Industrial Fork Lift pneumatic new replacement tires:

operation cost low with Samson Industrial Grip Plus MD-242 series tires.
Sidewall reinforced, bead reinforced, deep tread!

All tires include
Tire, inner flap, and inner tube:

6.00x9 Maxam 10PLY $65.00

6.50x10 12PLY$65.00

7.00x12 Maxam 14ply $120.00

8.15x15 14ply $125.00

8.25X15 14PLY $169.00

Factory Overstock L2 Loader Tires
Factory Overstock L2 Loader Tires
Factory Overstock L2 Loader Tires
Factory Overstock L2 Loader Tires

L2A Tubeless Value Based general use Loader tires:

Bias Traction tire for use on moderate dirt service
applications. Open shoulder design is self cleaning for excellent traction and
less slippage. Provides traction and floatation in soft soil conditions.

17.5x25 16Ply Tubeless $699

15.5x25 16ply Tubeless $555

20.5x25 20Ply Tubeless $935

23.5x25 20ply Tubeless $1159

13.00-24 14.00-24 G2 Motor Grader Tires for general usage
13.00-24 14.00-24 G2 Motor Grader Tires for general usage
13.00-24 14.00-24 G2 Motor Grader Tires for general usage

SAMSON G2 Road Grader tires made with interlocking center lugs to
provide excellent steering stability in soft ground. Open shoulders providing
self cleaning.




13.00x24 12ply Tubeless $399.00

14.00x24 12ply Tubeless $485.00