Goodyear / Titan

Goodyear and Titan farm tires

Titan Trac Loader 23 8.50 14 / 25 8.50 14


Titan Trac Loader 

  • The tire preferred by major manufacturers of uniloaders and skid steer equipment

  • Constructed with a superior blend of natural and synthetic rubber

Titan WHO FFA Tractor Ride Tire 12.4-38 13.6-38 15.5-38

Titan Tire's Comfort Ride Center Rib tire is developed specifically for tractor rides and parades, offering a conventional R1 but adding a center rib to provide an extremely smooth ride and to improve lug wear. This is built with the cooperation of WHO Radio, The Big Show and FFA with FFA receiving a donation for each tire sold.

These tires are built only once a year prior to tractor ride season so once inventory is gone they are gone until next year, DON'T WAIT


11L15 F3 Titan Contractor Front Backhoe steer tires

11L-15SL Titan

8 Ply Tubeless F3

New Contractor Tires on Sale


Titan Part #465318. Low section height for loader backhoe applications.

New Goodyear Dyna Rib F-2 Front Tractor Tires

New Goodyear 4 Rib Tractor Front Steer Tires 

Goodyear Dyna Rib F2 tires offer excellent floatation and mobility form the modern four rib design. Excellent roadability. 

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Made in:

10.00x16/8ply Goodyear part #DRT398 Tubeless

New Goodyear Super Terra Grip HF-2 54X31.00R26

New Goodyear Super Terra Grip HF-2

54X3100R26 NHS

Load index 157A8


Goodyear Part item #SRG6S1

16.9R30 420/85R30 420/90R30 Titan revolution new FWD Assist tire/R4

420/90R30 16.9R30 64/32nds Deep R1W tread

>Designed to work best in roading applications    

11.00X16 5Rib Tractor Front tires F3 Titan Contractor New Tires 12PLY Front End Loader Tires

11.00X16 F3 5 Rib 12Ply
New Titan Tractor & Industrial F3 Front Steer tires

Designed for excellent durability
Good road handling characteristics for industrial service
11.00-16 New Tire Manufactures Overstock Tires

Weight Cap 3420LBS

OD 36.1, 78Lbs