Starmax manufactured by Petlas, Primarily R1W radials, Deep Tread Bias and specialty farm tires

Starmaxx / Petlas TR-60 Heavy Duty Bias Farm Tires

Starmaxx TR-60 Heavy Duty Bias Farm Tires:
A Premium bias tire
value priced alternative to radials
Long bar/long bar tread design for even wear.
High Angled Bars for self cleaning, even traction and long wear.

Great new tires for compact utility tractors

Starmaxx TR110 Radial Petlas on sale current in stock inventory!

280/85R28 Starmax R1W 118A8 11.2R28 $339

320/85R28 Starmax R1W 124A8 12.4R28 $425

340/85R24 Starmax R1W 125A8 13.6R24 $399

380/85R30 Starmax R1W 135A8 14.9R30 $565

420/85R30 Starmax R1W 140A8 16.9R30 $665

460/85R34 Starmax R1W 147A8 18.4R34 $839

460/85R38 Starmax R1W 149A8 18.4R38 $829

480/70R38 Starmax R1W 148A8 16.9R38 $1025

600/65R38 Starmax R1W $1319