American Farmer

American Farmer Traxion Cleate R-1 New American Made Tractor Tires

R-1 Rear Farm Traxion Cleat Long bar Long bar Tractor Tires:

Curved 45 degree Bar angle delievering self cleaning in wet contitions, large footprint for even torque transfer extending life of the tire. Extended warranty for limited stubble and field hazard

7.00-15 Chevron Tread Skid Loader Tire

This quality tire has moderate traction with a proven diamond design for traction in all weather.

American Farmer 4 Rib Tractor Front Tires Made in USA

The American farmer F2M Farm Front Tire is a quality tire for two wheel drive tractors that won't tear up the turf and minimizes damage. This easy to steer offers better road and smooth surface handling along with being compounded for extra long life.

STA Skid Loader Tires

American Made Skidloader tires for your farm:

American Farmer Chevron Tread 7.00x15 Skid Loader Tire

is quality tire has moderate traction with a proven diamond design for traction in all weather.

Implement tire types and terms

Implement tire types:

To help you with some common questions we wanted to help you
understand some common nomenclatures in identifying specific tire terms for the
wide verity of implement tires and uses:

I-1 Conventional Multi Ribbed Implement tire: Typically referred
to as a wagon tire, Rib Imp, Farm Floatation tire. I-1 tire is a high
floatation tire with multiple ribs across the face of the tire t guard against
side slippage and enables grip in any type of terrain while maintaining
directional stability.

Wide Flotation Tires

20 inch Rim Diameter Floater Tires, Made in USA!

I-1 Conventional Rib Implement

This tire is a low cost, high quality farm wagon / implement tire. The I-1Implement's Multi-rib tread guards against side slippage and enables the tire to grip in any terrain and maintain directional stability . Smooth ribs eliminate stone drilling which can cause tire failure when under load. Please look below for product specifications.