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Samson GL293D Open Shoulder Drive Tires
Samson GL293D Ultra Open Shoulder Drive Tires Farmers Cooperative
Samson GL293D Open Shoulder Drive Tires

New Samson Open Shoulder Drive GL293D Ultra Semi Tires

Samson SmartWay Approved New Semi Tires

Wide, deep tread depth allows for
excellent wear and longer service. Shoulder lug assist in providing excellent
traction. Patented bead construction providing the excellent load capacity.
Tread compound designed for rough road conditions. Enhanced tread shape allows for uniformed pressure distribution. Mid/Long Haul Highway Service Tires

11R22.5 #86100-2 OD41.3" PSI120 MaxLoad S6610/D6005 25/32nds 122 lbs 16PLY 

11R24.5 #86105-2 OD43.5" PSI120 MaxLoad S7160/D6610 25/32nds 130LBS 16PLY 

295/75R22.5 #86060-2 OD42.7" PSI125 MaxLoad S7380/D6780 26/32nds 131LBS 14PLY 

285/75R24.5 #86110-2 OD41.3" PSI110 MaxLoad S6175/D5675 25/32nds 113LBS 14ply  

Vee Branded Front ATV steering tires 21X8-9 4Ply
21X8-9 Vee Speedway #A20802 discounted atv tires

Vee ATV VRM208 Speedway

21x8-9 4ply Tubeless

$54.99  each

Hard to find Front ATV tire size 21X8-9 Part #A20802 ATV Speedway Tires to fit on front 9" ATV Rims. 

Unique deep tread front steer tire for excellent handling, deep grooved sipes to help in wet surfaces on rock’s or hard packed dirt. Knobs on outboard edges to provide great traction in high speed turning. 

Snow Tires for your Skid Steer.
Snow Tires for your Skid Steer.
Snow Tires for your Skid Steer.

Limited supply of snow tires with our exclusive wheel


Includes 4 tires and 4 wheels bolt on ready!

Order by asking for the Blue Star 633 tire wheel set up.

Using our 7.50X16/10Ply Bluestar 633 Mud & Snow

Rugged Deep tread depth, durable 10ply Casing construction.

Standard 8 on 8 " Bolt Pattern with 6" pilot center hole, valve stem guard, welded 360 for added strength!

The set of 4 $850 comes with tires pre-mounted on our
exclusive wheel specially designed for dependable use for many years to offer
you extended service.

If your located in ND, SD, MN, WI, IL, IA NE and have service with Spee-Dee Delivery in most cases we can ship the entire set to you from $85-130 for the entire set! Huge Shipping Savings! If your in the upper NE region Most often FedEx Freight can ship the set for aprox $120-195, NW regions $150-250, contact us to arrange the lowest shipping cost for you.