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We have a wide selection of quality new tires for your truck.  We can also save you money with retread tires and regrooved tires.

We have a wide selection of quality tires for your truck. Choose from brand new first line tires or save big money with our great selection of major manufacturer factory overstock blem tires with "like new" tread at a fraction of the cost of a new tire. We can also save you money with retread tires and regrooved tires.

Yokohama RY617 New Semi Tires
Yokohama RY617 New Semi Tires

  • RY617  Excellent Performance in Highway Line-Haul Semi Tires

    Introducing RY617 New Tires, Yokohama's latest evolution of its high-value, highway line-haul, all-position tire. In this important segment, Yokohama has earned a well-deserved reputation as a strong, reliable performer with products that have long been regarded as an exceptional value for fleets as well as owner/operators. The RY617 has all the traditional Yokohama qualities that savvy buyers have come to rely upon, along with the latest features that deliver long, even wear, enhanced wet traction and durability. The RY617 is everything you've come to appreciate in a Yokohama high-value, all-position tire and more.

    Features & Benefits:
    Revered five-rib design is the perfect all-position high performer.
    Now enhanced with over 6,000 sipes, this premium feature provides excellent water evacuation and uniform wear.
    Stress control sipes are also especially effective in combating river wear.
    Special contoured design of the groove walls provides added rib stiffness that further combats uneven treadwear.
    Stress Wear Control Groove (SCG) reduces contact pressure at the tread edge, providing increased resistance to shoulder step down wear  and enhancing long even wear, particularly at the shoulder area.
    Stone ejectors deep inside the tread grooves keep stones from imbedding into the tire to minimize drill damage for increased tread durability and casing life.

New Yokohama RY023 Semi Tires
New Yokohama RY023 Semi Tires

RY023 Yokohama Tire Highway All-Position
The new Yokohama RY023 semi tires are available in both broadline sizes as well as 19.5 for specific applications. All sizes have five-rib tread and STEM-2 technology. The semi-rounded shoulder treatment reduces shoulder tearing and step wear, and provides lateral stability and water dispersion. The RY023 series is designed for city and regional applications and has improved performance and traction.
Features and Benefits:
Sidewall abrasion guard reduces damage to sidewall caused by curbing.
Five-rib tread design (with semi-rounded shoulder) reduces potential for shoulder rippling and tearing and lowers the cost per mile in abrasive applications; it also provides excellent lateral stability and water dispersion, and improved performance and traction.
STEM-2 prolongs the casing life by controlling heat and internal stress.
Heavy-duty construction designed to meet demands of in-city and regional applications.
Durability and retreadability is enhanced with STEM-2 design technology.

New Yokohama TY517 Closed Shoulder Drive Deep Tead Tires
New Yokohama TY517 Closed Shoulder Drive Deep Tead Tires
  • Yokohama TY517 Closed Shoulder Drive Semi Tires On-Highway Drive-Axle Operations
    The Yokohama TY517 Drive tire is a highly efficient drive-axle, on-highway tire that delivers exceptional fuel economy, great traction and superior retreadability. Equipped with Yokohamas innovative MC2 rubber compound technology, the TY517 provides decreased rolling resistance, long casing life and long, even wear. This is a highly capable drive axle tire.
    Features and Benefits:
    28/32 rib-block tread depth with full-depth grooves delivers long wear and traction-grabbing power for the long haul with no compromises.
    Mud and snow rated for drive power in the toughest of road conditions.
    STEM-2 technology for extended casing life, retreadability and durability.
    Rock-ejecting center groove platform enhances casing life and retreadability.
    Three large circumferential grooves provide extra-wide, self-cleaning, V-shaped, water-dispersing grooves for improved lateral stability and long, even wear.